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The Winery

The Winery

New South Wales


The Riverina is internationally recognised for its luscious botrytis Semillon wines.

Located in south west New South Wales (600km south west from Sydney and 450km north of Melbourne), the Riverina is Nugan Estate’s home and headquarters.

The Riverina is extremely important as it’s Australia’s second largest wine growing region. This is because the region’s climatic conditions together with modern drip irrigation allow the consistent production of premium quality grapes.

Indeed, the Riverina is one of the most efficient wine producing regions in Australia. As such, it has been essential to Australia’s export success because of its ability to supply premium quality wine across the varietal spectrum more cost effectively than other regions.

Uniquely Riverina is home to some of Australia’s largest family owned wineries of which Nugan Estate is one. Most of these are multi-generational with European heritage and are dedicated to providing the world with premium quality wine.

This dedication has resulted in the Riverina becoming internationally recognized for Botrytis Semillon and more recently other premium varietals such as Chardonnay and Durif.

Nugan Estate owns three vineyards in the Riverina – Manuka Grove, Cookoothama and Talinga Park. These vineyards enable Nugan Estate to provide wines that consistently over delivery on quality. Further, it is the source of the award winning Cookoothama Botrytis Semillon, Nugan Estate Manuka Grove Durif and Cookoothama Pigeage Merlot.


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