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South Australia

McLaren Vale & COONAWARRA, South Australia

McLaren Vale and Coonawarra are universally regarded as Australia’s greatest red wine regions for Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon respectively.

In both regions this is the result of soil and climatic conditions combining to produce low yielding vines with concentrated fruit flavour.

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale produces the most intensely flavoured, full-bodied Shiraz in Australia. Located 40km south of Adelaide, it is one of Australia’s oldest wine regions.

The topography of McLaren Vale is undulating and thus contains a variety of terroirs. Differing soil types can be found throughout the region but are generally quite poor, much of it ironstone sandy loam, forcing the vines to strain to find nutrients and water resulting in lower yields with greater flavour intensity.

In addition, McLaren Vale’s warm dry summers, cool wet winters and year round breezes, ensure a prolonged ripening period during which the grape can build greater intensity and flavour.

Nugan Estate owns McLaren Parish Vineyard in McLaren Vale and uses its premium fruit to craft its award winning Nugan Estate McLaren Parish Shiraz. This Shiraz is typical of good McLaren Vale Shiraz consistently displaying ripeness, elegance, structure, power and complexity.


Coonawarra is located 400km south east of Adelaide, 60km inland from the coast. The thin cigar-shaped tract of land forming the Coonawarra is only 14km long and 2km wide but home to some of Australia’s best Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Coonawarra has proved ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon because of its soil and weather conditions.

At the heart of the Coonawarra is the unique “terra rossa” soil which lies over soft porous limestone and sits on top of a water table. As the vines struggle to reach the water, their growth is restricted and yield restrained, causing intense flavour to build in the grapes. This combined with Coonawarra’s predominantly maritime climate, which is warm enough to prevent excessive vegetal flavours, but cool enough to develop optimal varietal character, ensures the Cabernet Sauvignon ripens to perfection with concentrated and intense varietal character.

Nugan Estate sources premium Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra for its Nugan Estate label to ensure it lives up to the family’s mantra of “best of the regions”.


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